Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

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Quick Overview





  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Max. Height: 66.5 in (1.69 m)
  • Min. Height: 23.2 in (59 cm) 
  • Load Capacity: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.5 kg)

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Affordable with great quality
  • 2-in-1 use makes it versatile
  • Easy to set up and operate

What We Don't Like

  • Unclear instruction manual
  • Cheap-feeling plastic parts

Looking for the best camera tripod? That’s a difficult task! There are different sizes, uses, and setups that might or might not be suitable for everyone’s needs. The options are endless – prices, reliability, dimensions, features, and many more. If you know what you want, it is definitely because you’ve heard of, or you have already tested a carbon fiber tripod. They are resistant, can handle a large amount of weight, and they are also compact and lightweight – perfect for travel!

This is why we decided to introduce to you the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod – all the quality and sturdiness you can ever get in a compact, portable design with enhanced durability and balance even when it is fully extended. Check out the next sections for our Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod review, advantages and disadvantages, and other useful information on how to make the best out of this product. So without further ado, let's get right into it!

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod is a 2-in-1 product with a sturdy build and plenty of functionality and useful features. It is a new generation of high-density carbon fiber tube, made from eight layers, which are laminated and high-temperature cured. Despite its impressive strength, the tripod is easy to carry and comes with a portable bag.

What makes this tripod stand out of the crowd is its highly affordable price matched with high-end features. It is sturdy, yet lightweight, it has a ball head with smooth motions, and it can be converted into a monopod when needed. Additionally, it has a stylish design with intertwined black, red, and carbon fiber, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Who is This Tripod for?

This carbon fiber tripod is for anyone who wants an affordable, yet exceptionally reliable and durable tripod for their camera. It is lightweight and compact, thus perfect for travelers who want the best value for money. It is ideal for panoramic shooting, and it has fast transitions between shots and many other professional features. Whether you go on trips in the woods or decide to climb a mountain, this tripod can be of great help and easy to pack and carry.

What’s included?

The tripod comes with a nylon carry bag, which makes transportation more convenient while protecting the tripod. Additionally, the package includes a small Allen wrench, which can be used for tension adjustments. If you have a camera with a telephoto zoom lens, you need to purchase a tripod mount ring separately in order to improve the balance.

Overview of Features

This tripod is a 2-in-1 product that can be used either as a tripod or as a monopod. It has quick-release leg locking, which improves convenience, and the universal ball head design has a 360-degree dial for fast adjustments. It is ideal for transitions between shots, such as in panoramic shooting.

It is lightweight and compact, with 19.3” folded height and a net weight of only 3.4 lbs. The eight layers of next-generation carbon fiber make it highly resistant and sturdy, with a load capacity of up to 26.5 lbs. The legs feature anti-skidding material for increased dependability and to keep your camera safe at all times.

The feet have 2-in-1 materials, which are suitable and adaptable for numerous surfaces. The rubber feet are useful for normal conditions, but they also feature metal tips for enhanced stability on ice and other likewise areas.

The tripod is terrific value for money, with excellent fit and finish. The moving pieces are smooth, easy to use, and operate. It is 66 inches tall, which makes it great for most photographers’ needs. The ball head has a fluid motion, highly resistant, and produces smooth movements.

The design of the tripod is visually pleasing, with high-quality construction and solid engineering. Whether you want to take it with you on the mountain or in the forest, this tripod is made to last and endure.

You can adjust the tripod’s height by setting the legs at one of the three angles – 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees. Lastly, the carry bag is of excellent quality, with a padded interior and an extremely reliable zipper.

The instruction manual that is included could be a bit clearer. Many struggled with the instructions and opted to work out how to use the tripod without it. We also found that some of the plastic parts felt a bit cheap, but at the price point, it is to be expected, and it doesn’t affect the overall stability of the product.

This tripod offers excellent value for money. Similar to high-end products, it features the ball head, 2-in-1 structure, rubber or metal feet, all in a lightweight, easy to carry design. It is also practical, turning into a monopod, which can also be used as a walking stick if needed. It is tall enough to suit any needs, but can also have a very low height.

How to Use Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod

The tripod comes wrapped in a protective bag. Upon unwrapping, all you need to do is to fold the legs into position, which will make a click sound when they are set in place at one of the three positions available. In order to adjust the leg position, you can do so by twisting the rubber-covered adjustment screws in only seconds.

You can keep the rubber pieces on the feet for greater stability on different surfaces or unscrew them and use the metal tips. To change from tripod to monopod, you need to unscrew the foam-covered leg from the tripod’s frame.


If this product does not satisfy you, we recommend checking out the MeFOTO Tripod, which also has 360-degree panning for shooting the most accurate panoramas. The legs can be locked separately into place at two angles, which can help to level out the ground or any irregular surfaces. Additionally, it is highly versatile and extremely portable.


Overall, the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod is one of the best camera tripods with enhanced reliability, strength, and versatility. What is more, it is very lightweight, so you can easily take it with you on all your trips, while the nylon carry bag is exceptionally sturdy and ensures full-time protection through the padded interior and sturdy zipper. This is definitely a photographer’s best companion!

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